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Networks of Support

PlanNET is a not-for-profit, non-government organisation founded, directed, and monitored by families for families that have a member with a disability.

This is a group of people who are intentionally invited to come together in friendship and support of a person with disability, for the purpose of achieving their goals and protecting their interests into the future. Through their freely-given relationships, network members can offer support in many ways and help connect them to the community. While the network is built around the individual with a disability it also provides a source of support for the family.

Subject to availability, PlanNET’s network facilitators can work in partnership with families to develop a network of support around their member with a disability. If a family wish to nominate a facilitator from their own connections, PlanNET can assist by providing training and ongoing support. This may be funded from one’s NDIS plan budget.

Building a network involves:


  • Using the individual’s person-centred plan to explore the person’s interests, current relationships, and community connections
  • Identifying potential network members
  • Contacting the identified people on the person’s behalf, to invite participation
  • Arranging and facilitating regular meetings for the network to come together
  • Fostering wholesome reciprocal relationships
  • Keeping the network focused toward the person’s identified goals

The network will need to be replenished and maintained as the circumstances of its members, family, and the individual change.



PlanNET can support families through the necessary steps to transition their network to a microboard. This legalises someone’s network to ensure they continue to live a life in accordance with their vision. A microboard may be part of a family’s succession plan.


This may be funded from one’s NDIS plan budget.

For more information on Life Plans & Networks of Support and Microboards, please contact our Program Coordinator on 0423 725 226 or

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